Sunday, January 27, 2019

Dark Times require REST

This evening I am feeling discouraged about the direction of our country. 

On social media, I see bitterness, and division, and anger, and hurt, and fear...SO.MUCH.FEAR.  I also see hatred...especially present in conjunction with fear. 

I see this happening on all sides in politics, and in many different religious environments, and it is so sad to me. 

I was talking this evening with a young lady about taking on emotions from other people and from the movies we see, and the TV shows we watch....and I just realized that I am taking on the emotions of those I cross paths with on social media. 


Our pastor did a good job this weekend speaking on one of the topics of current interest, and it is always good to see when God times things like this out...He knows what He is doing, and THAT is encouraging. 

I'm thinking I just need a break...this is something that happens regularly enough that I am recognizing the signs of my needing to back away from the hype, and the beating of war drums, and the yelling louder and louder, because those in the back of the room are deafened by all of it. 

Meanwhile, I have to be able to keep functioning in this real world in which I live....
...the one where my children still need clean, dry clothes, and food to eat, and a warm house in which to live. 
...the one where parents lose their edge as they age, and end up in hospitals.
...the one where friends also get discouraged, and need my presence more than more words. 
...the one where I have responsibilities that do not allow for a day (or week) of mental health time-off.
...the one where creativity is healing...and where I haven't had time or energy to create in far-too-long.
...the world where God has things to say to me that He doesn't say through short memes on social media. 

So, I think I am going to go take a sabbatical.  I wish I could do it for work, and life...but this time it will just have to be for social media.  Because I am giving myself permission to REJUVENATE. 

I'll be back.  I don't know when...because I know I need a LOT of rest.  But I WILL be back. 

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