Saturday, July 29, 2017

Keeper of Stories

I know a LOT of stories.
Stories that would amuse.
Stories that would break hearts.
Stories that explain behaviors.
Stories that inspire.
Stories that are not mine to tell.

I hear stories every day from people who trust me with their stories.
They believe me when I tell them I care about their stories, so they share them with me.
They also trust me to NOT tell their stories.

And so, because they are not MY stories to tell, I keep them.
I am the Story Keeper.

The stories define people, and their struggles, and their joys, successes, and failures.
The stories explain emotional struggles, and financial struggles, and relational struggles.

I have learned a lot in my role as Story Keeper.
I have been humbled...recognizing my arrogance.
I have learned how to love deeply, even in a professional role.
I have learned how to allow others the autonomy to walk out their own stories.

I have been changed by this role.
I am changing some of my narrow views of the poor.
I am enlarging my views of poverty in this very wealthy state in which I live.
I am finding that my heart for people is growing.
I am learning to love others, hopefully the way God loves them.

I came into this role as a Story Keeper with my own story.
My story is the only one I am at liberty to tell.

So, because I am the Story Keeper, I tell my story alone.
Because through my story, I hope that others' perspectives will be broadened, and that they too will be more able to hear and keep the stories of those with whom they come in contact.

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