Sunday, February 21, 2016

Jealousy is a bugger

There was a point in time that I *wished* my husband were the jealous type.  Let's just say I've gotten over that desire.

Instead, jealousy keeps trying to creep up on me.

Friends talk about close families, and I feel that familiar twinge.

People post notes about how their mothers are their best friends, and I start seeing green.

Someone talks about how quickly they lost the weight... their dream job fell in their lap... they have Sunday dinners with their extended families every week... everything is going perfectly... their newly constructed home is amazing...
...where they have been able to travel recently... nauseum...
...and jealousy rears its ugly green little head.

First of all, lets talk about how easy it is to be jealous of the perfect lives people portray on social media.  I don't see that the dying dog puked all over the living room, that their kids' grades are in the toilet, that they want to pull their hair out listening to their coworkers at that dream job, that the family Sunday dinners are "mandatory fun" and are anything but fun.

Meanwhile, I'm over here comparing the INSIDE of my life to the pretty picture they have painted for the world to see from the OUTSIDE.

OF COURSE I'm going to be jealous.  It's not a fair comparison.

So, today I am appreciating the life I have from the inside here, and viewing my social media feed with a fair bit of skepticism, knowing that NO ONE'S life is THAT perfect!!

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  1. Hey, I didn't know you had this blog! Great way to see things and put it all into perspective. I'm right there with you and slowly, I've learned to see the blessings in my life. Everyday, they are there; friends, a gorgeous sunrise, a beautiful sunset, a kiss from my sweet son, a hug from my wonderful daughter, a wink from my husband. Thanks for sharing :-) I'll be stalking your blog now, LOL!