Sunday, August 13, 2017

Observations of a Navy wife living on an Air Force base.

1. We are definitely outsiders.  We don't get included in much, unless someone is picking on us.  Then everyone gets in on it...

2. The housing here is NICE.  REALLY REALLY NICE.  Quit complaining about it.

3. It's really neat to drive around and see license plates from so many different states.  I love the diversity of the military life!!

4. Colors at 5:00 pm??  The Navy does them at sundown.

5. Everyone stopping for colors, hats off, car windows down, hand on heart while the anthem plays.

6.  Apparently the Army and Air Force both call it the BX.  Only then Navy says NEX.  No one knows what the Marines call it.  Compromise, and call it The Exchange.

7.  An Air Force base without airplanes is still an Air Force base, and is nicer than any Navy base I have ever been on.

8.  Intra-branch competitiveness is very alive and real.  Just walk down the street and count branch flags....

9.  Base yardsale pages have AMAZING deals on a whole lot of luxury items.  I still can't afford them at yardsale prices.

10. It seems like Air Force uniform policies are less-strictly enforced than almost any other branch.

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