Saturday, May 21, 2016

Feeling Overwhelmed

I started working as a therapist in a very needy community nearby almost two months ago.  I am finding that every day I am exhausted, and that my emotions are all over the place.  The training I went to yesterday left me feeling awkward and out of place...not a new feeling, but I thought I had THAT settled away...guess not.  

Meanwhile, there is SO MUCH going on here on the home-front.  

Child #3 graduates from high school on June 2.  

The in-laws come into town this coming Thursday.  Friday will be a day off of work for me, so I have to see all of my clients in 4 days next week, too.  Saturday we're going on a tour in the city.  Sunday is church, and then the in-laws fly back out on Monday, and our #2 child flies in that same day, to be in town through the following Saturday.  That week will also be a 4-day week for me, so 4 VERY-PACKED days.  We're also having family pictures done on Thursday, since all of the kids will be here, and Thursday night is the all-night graduation party for the seniors.  

Additionally, we're making plans for camp for 3 kids, 2 kids are being camp counselors, and 1 kid is going on a ministry trip to Guatemala this summer.  

Again, I'm feeling overwhelmed.  I am starting to wonder if jumping into working full-time was a good idea.  There are things that are not getting done at the house (cleaning, dishes, vacuuming, anyone?!?), and I can't figure out how to make this runaway freight train slow down.   

I need to get in to see my counselor.  
I need to get my prescriptions refilled.  
I need to get the dog to the groomers.  
I need to clean my room.  And the living room.  And all the bathrooms.  And pretty much every room in the house is getting out of hand.  
My truck needs cleaned.  
The refrigerator is growing things...experiments.  
I need time to go to the grocery store.  

I think I need to cry...but I don't have time...we were given tickets to a Red Sox game tonight...they're playing the Cleveland Indians...and two kids are working...and one is off at a retreat.  Mom doesn't have time for a breakdown....

Nothing new to see here.  


  1. Ohmy...You have so much going on!! Maybe everyone has ideas. My suggestion is to hire someone to clean the house and frig. Subscribe to a food delivery service. I know this all costs money. But your well being is worth it! You are an amazing woman with many talents. You have a lot of valuable insight to give to others. You are a jewel!! A few less tasks on your plate would be relieving. Praying...HUGS, Jane

    1. Oh, Jane, I so wish I could. Fortunately my husband is amazing, and has (mostly) cleaned my kitchen today, and the neighbor is letting me borrow her dryer, so things are coming together....I miss you!!

  2. Yes, I understand. Our house is a hot mess too. I also have doctor's appointments which need to be made. My husband has appointments he needs to tend to. There doesn't seem to be enough hours on the day. Plus, my husband & I don't ever recall a time where we've been so exhausted. Yet, our day to day living lists, like housecleaning, grocery shopping, vet appointments, hair cuts, etc. Often don't get completed. My personal to do list has grown into a small book. I will pray for you my dear friend. I pray God brings you rest. I pray that helpers & encouragers will surround you. I pray that ALL you do shall prosper & you will flow in God's timing. Much love. Fathom

    1. Prayers for you, too, my friend. I miss you, and wish we could have tea....

  3. I wish we lived closer, if anything; so we could at least someone to have a good cry with ;) praying for you hun